About Link4Skills

Link4Skills is the learning component of the Link4Growth Association

The purpose of Link4Skills is to facilitate the flow of knowledge and information easily and effortlessly between people. Knowledge is of no value if once acquired it rests there and is not passed to others.

We all have knowledge. Countless times we are surprised when during a conversation we learn the hidden talents of others. If this knowledge could be shared with minimal effort, affordably… what could we achieve?

Link4Skills simply provides the bridge between those with knowledge who would like to share it, and those who would like to have that knowledge.

Let us share what we know… and make the world a more interesting place!

What kinds of trainings do you run?

Workshops and Learning sessions can be offered both physically in a location as well as online (access is free for Link4Growth members) and the range of topics is infinite. Art and crafts, first aid, meditation, social media, breathing techniques, business development, accounts, yoga…

Really there is no limitation except the extent of our imagination.

Some of the workshops we've run so far...

What skills, knowledge or experience could you share with your local community?

Soap Making

LinkedIn training

Candle Making

Blogging training

Video Strategy for Business

Speaking with Confidence

Mailchimp Email Marketing

Healthy Living Workshop