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If you are a Link4Growth or Link4Business member, you can use the Link4Skills platform to list your own training for a small administration cost of £10 per event


The Link4Skills platform has been created to enable us all to easily share our expertise and knowledge (should we want to) with others. Typically those sharing their knowledge will be well known in their local area having regularly attended Link4Growth and / or Link4Business events.


Often the challenges of finding a venue, setting up the booking and payment process, and then the ongoing marketing precludes many from sharing their knowledge even though the demand may be high. Link4Skills can help to remove some of these obstacles for a single nominal fee.

Ethics and Values

As Link4Skills is part of Link4Growth (non profit), with the exception of the Workshop Registration fee, all monies collected are dispensed to the local Event Organiser for distribution after the event.

Further information

Link4Skills does not endorse the workshops nor the content or quality of any workshop, that is the responsibility of the trainer or event organiser.

You can read more in our Terms and Conditions

Guidelines for Workshops

The following guidelines will help you to familiarise yourself with the practical side of listing your workshop / training with Link4Skills

Price points

The Link4Skills platform provides a framework where anyone from the Link4Growth family can both share their knowledge with others, and / or learn from others who have the information and experience that they seek.

In alignment with the principles and values of inclusiveness within Link4Growth all workshops are offered at an affordable rate such that price is not a major factor for people obtaining new skills.

Example image

Upto 2 hours

Maximum of £25 full price

Example image

Up to 3 hours (1/2 day)

Maximum of £35 full price

Example image

Upto 5 hours (full day)

Maximum of £47

Sessions can of course be offered at prices below our guidelines


All current Link4Growth and Link4Business members are entitled to a 20% discount for all workshops listed with us. Anyone unsure if they are a member or not should get in touch before booking.

Payment arrangements for event attendees

Attendees are requested to contact the event organiser directly as listed on eventbrite and request a space on the workshop. Tickets will not be available to purchase via eventbrite. The event organiser will advise you how they will be accepting payment. There is provision in the eventbrite text to specify how advance payments can be made.

Event Cancellation

If for any reason the event is cancelled, it is the responsibility of the workshop organiser to reimburse any payments made by attendees. Our workshop registration fee will not be reimbursed, however we will cancel and unpublish the workshop listing on eventbrite at no extra charge.

Changes to Event content and / or corrections

Please ensure that once you receive the link to your event that any amendments or corrections are notified to us within 24 hours. Subsequent changes or corrections after this time frame will incur a further fee of £10. Changes undertaken once payment is made.

Your workshop will be listed once we have received your £10 payment. If you have any questions please contact us

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